One fine morning you get up to realize your grandmother has arrived home. “Goodness gracious me! Now I’m supposed to act Mr. Perfectionist!!”, “Granny, the dictator!”. I’m sure for many of us such thoughts might be running in our mind.

But, looking on the brighter side, having a grandma in our house is total fun and learning experience. First and foremost, your granny will never allow you to burn the midnight oil. So you stick with early to bed & early to rise principle. Got sore throat? You must be thinking of fixing an appointment with your family physician. But, granny with her eyes shut will tell you to mix 1/4 cup of vinegar with 1/4 cup of honey and take 1 tablespoon six times a day. Next morning, you only wake-up to realize a clear throat. So you’re upset with the upcoming entrance exams, peer-pressure, looks, child care and so on?

Grandma’s cures is way beyond your thoughts. Grandma offers soothing care, comfort you and gently persuade you from all your worries. Her wisdom is an art and she shares it so generously. Her words are golden threads that bind our family. Someone once said “A grandmother is someone with silver in their hair and gold in their hearts”. Next time, your grandmother arrives at your place make sure you get the most out of her as she is always there to give the best of care and love.

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Flightless Bird

Me singing Flightless Bird, Soundtrack of Twilight movie and originally composed by Iron & Wine; playing my acoustic guitar along😉

The song is basically in D# scale
And the chords progression are D#, Cm, G#, A#

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Pick the best name for my band

Sandeep Swaminathan
Sandeep Swaminathan
Create Your Badge
The name of my band is either “Rusty Confessions” or “Sinew Street”.. Which one do you like? Cast your vote!!

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Manram Vantha – Mouna Raagam Chords

Movie: Mouna Raagam (1986)
Singer: Balasubrahmanyam SP
Music Director: Ilayaraja
Year: 1986
Director: Mani Ratnam

Standard tuning (E A D G B E)

Play all the chord once …


Dm…………..Bb…….C…………..F  Dm…………….Bb…..F………….
Ahhhhhh ahhhh ahhhh uaahhhhhh   Ahhh ahhh ahhhhhh aaaaaahhhh


Play appregios

manram vandha thenralukku manjam vara nenjam illaiyoa anbae en anbae

thottavudan suttadhenna kattazhagu vatta nilavoa kannae en kannae

boopaalamae koodadhenum vaanam undoa sol

Same (manram)

thaamarai maelae neerththuli poal thalaivanum thalaviyum vaazhvadhenna

nanbargal poalae vaazhvadharku maalaiyum maelamum thaevaiyenna

sondhangalae illaamal bandha paasam kollaamal

poovae un vaazhkaidhaan enna sol

Same (manram)

(Similar to thaamarai maelae stanza)

maedaiyaip poalae vaazhkai alla naadagam aanadhum vilagich chella

odayaip poalae uravum alla paadhaigal maariyae payanam sella

vinnoadu dhaan ulaavum velli vanna nilaavum

ennoadu nee vandhaal enna vaa ..

Let us know if anyone of you find some corrections!

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Why an aspiration for a career in music?

rockstarI have been wondering for quite a while! Why is that I’m hankering to build a career in music though things around me are not really compliant enough to help me build one such.

Is it because today’s people are so surrounded by music and I want to hear them scream on top of their lungs or violently headbang for my so-so composition? Infact an average American teenager spends 2-3 hours a day – one eighth of his waking life – listening to music.

Or is it because of my age gene – supports one hypothesis.  More than 40% of the lyrics of songs speak about romance, sexual relationships, adoration and amity?

Or something NickelBack’s Rockstar lyrics quotes

‘Cause we all jus wanna be a big rockstars

Live in hilltop houses driving fifteen cars

Girls come easy and the drugs come cheap

. . .

Hey I wanna be a rockstar . . . ‘

Or the famous courtship averment? The Shakespearean theory, that music is at least one of the foods of love, has a strong anecdotal evidence?

All of them are true atleast in my case. And I can go on looking for million reasons to state my appetite. All I want right now is to gain some apprehension in music theory and start off a band and record some serious music. As simple as that for all the above mumble-jumble.

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Seminar on Newer Technologies in IT and Career Opportunities

Computer Society of India organized a seminar on “IT Careers” on 3rd of July,2009 at Dr. MGR Educational and Research Institute, a current trending topic as thousands and thousands of engineers are in a state of dilemma wondering whether they have taken a right decision in their life by choosing to start a career in software industry. Around 400 students participated.

Programme started with a traditional inaugural speech from Mr. S. Ramasamy, Chairman, CSI, Chennai. A brief introduction about the schedule of the seminar was given by the most gleeful person of the CSI, freelancer Mr. H. R. Mohan. It was indeed our great prerogative to get the inaugural address from Mr. Mahalingam, President of CSI and CFO of TCS, one of those pioneers who is still today serving TCS for more than fourty years.

Mr. K. Ananth Krishnan, Vice President and CTO of TCS started off by speaking about the ‘Technology trends in IT’. With his superfluous english and cognizance, he enlightened us on the current development in Web 2.0, how people are influenced by social networking platforms and a lot of first-hand information on SaaS (Software as a Service) and cloud computing.

Mr. Mahesh N Iyer, COO, iPath Technologies,  followed Mr. Ananth Krishnan and gave a detailed talk on ‘Mobile Technologies’. Well it wasn’t merely a talk, rather it was a presentation of a contextual experience. He stated with some brilliant statistics about the growth in mobile and GPRS users, explained the business model of VAS (Value-added Service) with a real-time example, iAllWays, an end to end information flow management system developed by iPath Technologies. The second part of his speech was much of self-introspection.

Ever knew the foundations of data mining was mere statistical analysis and pioneers were stat software companies such as SAS and SPSS? Atleast for me, not until then. Mr. R. Sridhar, Director Business Solutions, OBSI Technologies presented the competencies, technical, analytical and management aspect of business analytics. Then he switched over to data mining and data warehousing. An hour of a mere technical talk, Mr. R. Sridhar, wanted all of us to use some geeky stuffs and tools of database.

The uninterrupted three hour session was followed by Mr. V. Natarajan, Director, Image College of Arts and Animation. He spoke brillantly in need of innovative youngsters for this new diverse animation and gaming industry. And we all broke for lunch.

Mr. N.S.N. Pillai, Head, Information Security and Risk Management, Ashok Leyland got the toughest time to deliver his lecture, after lunch hours. But his mesmerizing words are still fresh in our minds. He spoke about the need in extra investment for information and data security.

And then came my favorite. Open Source and Oppurtunities lecture, was given by Mr. Rajesh Iyer, Vice President – IT, Essentia Soft Solutions. He cited about Google ‘Summer of Code’, Release Candidate (RC’s), about government’s interest in OS. He also encouraged all of us to not only use open source but also revert back with proper feedback to the developers. According to him some of the best practices of OS are User Involvement, Peer Code Review, Transparency, Collective Data Ownership and Distributed Model. He quoted that “You are industry ready even before you graduate by your participation in OS community development!”.

Mr. Nikhil Indrasenan, Business Head, Ma Foi Academy gave a brief lecture on IT Career at Crossroads which was a mind-refreshing session. The best part of the seminar, according to me, was the panel discussion on ‘Education and Employment’ by some eminent and experienced professionals like Dr. Muthukrishnan, Ex Director In Charge, IITM, Dr. Agarwal, Ex VC, Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, Mr. S. Srinivasan, CEO and MD of SRA Systems, Mr. S. Sridharan, Sr. VP, IT, Orchid Chemicals and Mr. N. Chidambaram, Director, IT, Ashok Leyland. The whole discussion was interactive and I luckily happened to shoot out some questions and got applauded for the same.

Prof. P. Thrimurthy, well-known for his sense of humour, gave the concluding remarks. As promised, the whole seminar was informative and I had a great experience. Thanks to CSI and the organizers.

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Elementary facts on the evolution of wireless technology

ABC’s of Wireless:

Wireless, in simple terms, refers to any type of computer network, whose interconnections between nodes is implemented without the use of wires. Implemented using radio waves, is usually at the “physical layer” of the network.


The uses of wireless communication dates back to the World War II, when information was sent easily bypassing enemy lines and also used in places where telecom infrastructure is poor.

The principle of wireless communications was presented by Heinrich Hertz, a German Physicist, 1887, as an expansion of the theorey of eletromagnetic wave of light. Contributions came in from Nikola Tesla and G Marconi for further enhancing the idea of transmitting the electromagnetic waves through free space.


A revolution in the wireless technologies took place when Reginald Fessenden, broadcasted his voice over North Atlanta, which we today classify them as Shortwave and Mediumwave mode of transmission.


Noise quieting idea during transmission by varying its frequency with the help of carrier waves was brought in by E H Armstrong, by developing FM. FM, a roaring success, is commonly used for high-fidelity broadcasts of music and speech.

Things were stagnant for a couple of decades, when a type of channel access methodology was introduced for shared networks. Today when we use mobile phones and GPS (Global Positioning System), remember, these two augmented words, L-Band and TDMA (Time Division Multiple Access)

The entire world realised the power of Wireless and in the year 1997, they brought in a seperate standard IEEE 802.11 or better known as Wi-Fi. Quickly major players like IBM, Nokia, Ericsson and Toshiba realised the dynamism of Wireless and formed a Special Interest Group (SIG) and in a couple of years Ericsson launched the first consumer Bluetooth device.

Japan who always had an upper crest in technology and innovation and no doubt NTT DoCoMo launched the first 3G (third generation) network. Meanwhile 802.11b and 802.16 standards were integrated along.

Post 2k things were speeding up. UTMS (Universal Mobile Telecommunications System), a complete network system, EDGE (Enhanced Data Rates for GSM Evolution), an enhanced GPRS, WiMAX (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access), a more scalable mode of transport than Wi-Fi and many many are to play its part still, like in November 2009, 802.11n will be the latest standard in Wi-Fi.


Who knows? Tomorrow you might get a free access to wireless around the world or some rapid speed internet access or even downloading movies, music, videos at very high speed while travelling. Wireless is a disruptively inexpensive way to communicate and it’s hard for anything else to compete with that. “Sky’s the limit”! Go Wireless!

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